Transparency and Fraud Prevention in Social Media Marketing: Get Protected Today!

The online advertising industry has been plagued by reports and scandals around ad fraud, brand safety and transparency. In fact, influencer marketing is no different – therefore this article aims to educate and raise awareness for businesses and brands who are already utilizing influencer marketing or are planning to do so.

In the realm of influencer marketing, fraud and transparency has been increasingly discussed in industry circles. How does a marketer know that the influencer has genuine and human followers? What is the intent of those following an influencer? How do I know how many intermediaries there are in the influencer marketing chain - and how is my money being spent in that chain?

“Ensuring the right message gets across
to your audience through a trusted and
verified influencer network is of key importance.”

Nowadays, fraud exists in many forms on social media platforms. Fraudulent accounts and buying of fake followers has been on the rise, and is becoming more and more of a problem for advertisers. But what is the best way to recognize this type of fraud and prevent your brand from being exposed to it? Being properly educated on how to recognize fraud and also aligning with platforms and solutions that have developed solutions to forward transparency and eradicate fraud, are some of the best ways to protect yourself in this industry.

Some additional ways to manually recognize fraud can include watching the follower count of influencers, looking at the average number of likes the influencer gets (and even tracking this since the account started - was there an organic growth in likes or was there a sharp increase). Also, one of the easiest ways is to monitor post comments.

Transparency is a bit more tricky - how can you ensure your dollars go to as few intermediaries as possible? When selecting influencers, it’s important to find out if they are exclusive to a certain vendor or network.

At CastingAsia, our team of influencer marketing experts have the expertise to detect various types of social media fraud and can prevent, in advance, any potential influencer fraud. In addition, our influencer marketing platform, CastingAsia has multiple built-in safety levers for analyzing and determining which accounts are real and which have signs of fraudulency.

Given this array of safety measures, it’s definitely safe to say that you are in good hands with us, and can have peace-of-mind knowing that you are spending money on actual humans (be it followers or influencers). At the same time, we’re committed to increasing transparency in the influencer marketing industry: both brands and influencers have full insight into their spend and earnings.

With over 35,000 influencers in the APAC region actively registered on our platform, organic reach to your audiences has never been easier. Reach out to us today to set up a meeting for a free product demonstration and further explanation of our influencer marketing solutions.

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