Hot Social Media Influencer Trends for 2019: Micro-Influencers

Given the recent boom of popularity of social media influencer marketing in Asia, and the rise in platforms that connect influencers to brands, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a large increase in micro-influencers. The organic reach of a micro-influencer might just be what advertisers are looking for, in order to tell their story and spread their brand message in a more ‘authentic’ fashion.

The extended reach offered through micro-influencers can provide a plethora of possibilities within the midst of the somewhat perplexing sphere of marketing strategies. Take for example, a company releases a new product in which they would like to increase brand awareness among females between the ages of 18-35. The brand can leverage on various micro-influencers that are interested to join, and in turn, can receive an increased rate of participation in comparison with campaigns focused solely on only one individual influencer. Additionally, micro-influencers usually have more followers within a certain ‘niche’ or area of interest, therefore if your brand resonates within this scope of interest then there will be an increased chance your brand will be noticed on a massive scale.

With influencer marketing platforms populating the space in Asia, it is easier to access the multitude of micro-influencers, and tap on their passion, hobby or area of expertise. Given this recent accessibility and ease of communication through technology, it is no surprise that micro-influencers are starting to be leveraged on a much larger scale than before. Additionally, micro-influencers tend to spend more time on the quality of their content and ensure that what they are putting out is going to be impactful and something that their followers can positively engage with.

Integrating artificial intelligence with a comprehensive and user-friendly influencer platform is exactly what CastingAsia has developed, and leveraging upon the CastingAsia platform, is now giving more brands and businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the power of micro-influencer marketing. This form of marketing will begin to be a mainstream way of targeting appropriate audiences this year and will be a key contributing factor in increasing business returns.

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