Connecting the dots with CastingAsia @ YouTube Enterprise Day 2019

In August 2019, CastingAsia, the leading influencer marketing solutions provider and part of AnyMind Group, took part in YouTube Enterprise Day 2019 in Singapore - with this year’s theme centering around “Connecting the Dots”.

Gathering enterprise partners from around Asia, YouTube Enterprise Day looks to grow the YouTube ecosystem by providing responsible growth and updating partners on various YouTube policies.

APAC is now one of the fastest-growing YouTube user bases globally, with India, Indonesia and Japan being some of the key markets driving this growth. It is with this context that Siwat Vilassakdanont, Managing Director of CastingAsia Creators Network, shared about how CastingAsia is looking to grow the influencer marketing ecosystem (including YouTube content creators), through a mix of the CastingAsia platform and CastingAsia Creators Network.

An additional insight gleaned from the event is the popularity of music videos on the video streaming platform, with K-pop’s popularity a particular highlight - K-pop talent like BTS and BLACKPINK have the possibility of generating 100 million views in just two days. Just behind that is the popularity of music videos from India.

There was also a panel discussion with YouTube content creators, with some personalities attesting that working with an influencer network has helped them grow their content view time by 4% and revenue per video by 17%. One of the key drivers for this is through content development support provided by these networks.

A big shoutout to YouTube for having us share how CastingAsia is looking to further drive the influencer marketing ecosystem in Asia and beyond!

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