AnyMind Group (and CastingAsia) at Digital Transformation Trends Forum 2019

In early September, AnyMind Group’s Global Managing Director of CastingAsia Creators Network, Siwat Vilassakdanont, took to the Digital Transformation Trends Forum 2019 stage in Taipei, Taiwan, to share more about how key technological transformation trends will impact the influencer marketing industry.

With the theme for this year’s Digital Transformation Trends Forum being “Across & Beyond”, and organized by Telecom Technology Center, the event aimed to drive discussions around trends, market strategy and integrations to transform cross-border breakthroughs and accelerate innovation.

Speaking on the topic of how AI will influence the era of accelerated innovation, Vilassakdanont zoomed in on how AI is impacting the influencer marketing industry (one which is projected to reach US$15 billion spending globally).

With influencer marketing spend on the rise, and the evolution of media consumption habits towards online video, we’re seeing a shift in talent, celebrities and high-profile personalities building up social media influence.

Highlighting a fragrance product push, Vilassakdanont shared how the brand utilized both celebrities and social media influencers to drive the launch - further blurring the lines between traditional celebrity marketing and social media influencer marketing.

Vilassakdanont also gave attendees an inside look into the CastingAsia platform and how it utilizes AI to enhance influencer marketing campaigns - identifying key social media trends for marketers to leverage on.

Another key trend that will impact influencer marketing and video consumption habits is the rise of 5G connectivity - allowing “20 times faster speeds compared to 4G”. This will create more interactive user experiences, with live streaming, AR and VR becoming easily accessible to everyday consumers, and enhances visual and audio capabilities of online video experiences.

5G will also bring about more innovation in the influencer marketing space - effectively broadening opportunities for social media influencers to connect with their audiences.

Thank you Digital Transformation Trends Forum 2019 for providing us with the opportunity to share with attendees on the future of influencer marketing!

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