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CastingAsia™ Platform

AI-driven matching between you and a brand. Simply connect your social media sites and the machine will find the best match. All you need is just to do what you do best - develop content that matters.


Innovation in influencer marketing

We've seen how the market has called for a solution that allows brands to harness the power of brand influencers. CastingAsia provides you with the tools you need to find the best influencers to advocate your brand, and track and measure their results. Your time and money spent searching for influencers can now be placed elsewhere.

CastingAsia™ Marketplace

Engage micro-influencers at scale. CastingAsia™ Marketplace enables your brand to drive conversations at the grassroots level. We ensure that your dollars are spent wisely through performance-based charges.


The right influencer for the job

CastingAsia allows you to easily build a brand influencer network across Asia, and invite them to join your campaigns. These people have the option to opt-in or out of your campaigns, allowing you to find people with a vested interest in your company. You can also share with us your requirements and we will find the right people for you.

CastingAsia™ Engagement

The Influencer Engagement team takes a service approach to your influencer marketing campaigns. Tap on your specialists' expertise to ensure you get the most return on your investment. CastingAsia™ brings influencer relationship management to the next level.



We normally do not have much time to continuously discover new influencers and reach out to them.
CastingAsia allows you to do just that, but within a tenth of the time. We provide the technology, you control the outcome.

  • Thanasit Chaturapush

    Awards-winning singer from Bangkok with the No.1 hit single of 2016 “Roo Yung”. Ton also gathered a large community and fanbase on social media. In the present, Ton has evolved into one of the most popular entertainer in Thailand.

  • Nungira Hanwuthinanon

    Gale (Nungira Hanwuthinanon) is the actress and singer from Thailand with very popular on TV series “Love Sick the series” . She has gathered quite some recognition on social media as well as from various entertainment news.

  • Katheryn ”Kathy” Lee

    Kathy Katheryn Lee the skinny girl with long brown hair and A4 Paper skin. Thai beauty blogger, Instagram sensation from Thailand.
    She shares her perspective in the world of fashion and style, both in English and Thai. Kathy got a very original, naive and cute approach to represent her fashion lifestyle.

  • Tawan Vihokratana

    Young Travel blogger, Actor, and part-time Photographer from Thailand with many hits TV series and music videos. Tae gained some acting experiences recognition on social media in Thailand.

  • Phuthiphong Ongsaranont

    Being a professional who is developing and upper the quality of Thai coffee as the international standard. “ Coffee means the journey where has no the end. It is the one we can explore more and many. ”

About CastingAsia

CastingAsia is an AI-focused marketing technology company and is part of AnyMind Group. Leveraging on artificial intelligence, CastingAsia provides marketers with access to influencers and micro-influencers across Asia.

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