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CastingAsia™ is a company under the AnyMind Group umbrella, with a strong focus on empowering brands to unlock conversations, and influencers to promote value through their influence. Through a single platform, brands and influencers have a smart and safe environment for influencer marketing.

Our unique algorithms ensure that the right brand is connected to the right influencer. CastingAsia™ was created to deliver data-driven insights to influencer marketing, providing brands and influencers with a competitive advantage through innovation.

About AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group is the parent company of AdAsia™ Holdings, TalentMind™ and CastingAsia™. Headquartered in Singapore, AnyMind Group aims to empower professionals, businesses and industries for further growth through innovation and technology.



Kosuke Sogo

Kosuke Sogo

CEO & Founder

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has grown in scale and importance in Asia, playing a significant part in an increasing number of marketing campaigns.

CastingAsia is an AI-focused marketing technology company that looks to empower brands and influencers for further growth through technology. Leveraging on artificial intelligence, CastingAsia provides brands with access to influencers and micro-influencers across Asia, all through a single platform.

We're always looking to push the needle on influencer marketing, providing more ways for brands and influencers to collaborate to unlock conversations that matter.

Connecting to CastingAsia means connecting to not just brands and influencers locally, but across the entire Asian region. Our in-market experts provide a service-based approach to complement our platform offerings, making CastingAsia the most scaled influencer marketing business in Asia.

We want to help you grow your brand, we want to help you grow your influence. We provide you with the resources to do exactly that. From our integrated influencer marketing solution, to our talent incubator program, we want to empower you to grow through our unique blend of technology and expertise.

We are always looking to drive the boundaries of influencer marketing, and drive innovation in this space, providing greater value to your influencer marketing activities.

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