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The CastingAsia™ story

CastingAsia™ was launched in August 2016 with the aim to connect people, from celebrities, influencers, and everyday people, to brands. Since then, the CastingAsia™ presence has expanded to all major Asian markets, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan. At the same time, over 300 brands have leveraged on CastingAsia™ to drive their influencer marketing activities.

CastingAsia™ is always innovating to create easier connections between influencers and brands.

How to join CastingAsia™

Step 1: Sign up with a social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)

Step 2: Enter quick details including interests, country and more

Step 3: Check out the terms and conditions, and if you accept them, your account will be created

Step 4: Gain access to your personal influencer marketing control panel

CastingAsia™ Influencer
Incubation Program

We want to help you grow your influence. It's not just your followers - our team of influencer coaching experts will teach you how to drive your content, personal positioning, and public appearance.

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Your mobile dashboard

Influencers can leverage on the CastingAsia™ mobile application, providing you the mobility to run their activities through a single control panel.

About CastingAsia

CastingAsia is an AI-focused marketing technology company and is part of AnyMind Group. Leveraging on artificial intelligence, CastingAsia provides marketers with access to influencers and micro-influencers across Asia.