Powerful and simpleinfluencer marketing tool

No technical expertise needed, we make influencer management easy.


Influencers Management Platform

Brand influencer engagement on a single platform

CastingAsia provides you with a single platform to manage your influencer marketing campaigns. From delivering communications and monitoring of campaign activity, to the growing of your brand influencer network - no technical expertise needed, just one beautiful and easy to use platform. Experience innovation, experience CastingAsia.

Have 24/7 access to your brand influencer network

Easy to use solutions allow you to get what you want, fast

User-friendly interface allows you to quickly build your dashboard with what you need

Easily capture and manage brand influencer content

Cross-device availability

Configure privacy settings for differing levels of security


Flexible and customisable brand influencer management tool

Create interactions that convey your preferences. Organise your brand influencers based on their core interests, following and profile information.

Input your data about brand influencers and configure their profiles and applications

Custom filtering allows you to discover influencers that meet specific requirements

Optimise influencer engagement by group, individual or entire network


End-to-end solution
for first-party analytics & campaign reporting

Track and measure all campaign performance and activity on a single platform and dashboard.

Experience innovation,CastingAsia