Market Place

Reach the Biggest Pool of Micro-Influencers and Engage Audiences at Grassroots Level

Data-Driven Dashboard


Easily find influencers in any category from Asia's largest influencer database

Real-time measurement and reporting

Real time report accessible from anywhere in 24/7

Influencer Analytics

Influencer selection based on data analysis such as follower insights and engagement rates

Multi-Platform Campaign

CastingAsia conntects with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Fraud Protection

Whitelist/Black list

24/7 monitoring and reporting the campaign by our consultant and ban Posts/influencers which exhibit strange behaviour

Safety guard

Block fraudulent accounts that have purchased followers or likes

Leverage Technology

Automatically find suspicious content by machine learning technology

Qualified Infuluencers

Only influencers with over 100 followers and who have been active in the past 3 months are eligible to join the platform

Performance-Based Payments

Parformance based pricing.

You can collabrate with Influencers based on cost per like, view and more.

Easy to recruit micro influencers

You can open your campaign to the perfect influencers (we have over 40,000+ opt-in influencers). With the marketplace you can work with appropreate influencers for your brand.

Real Time Optimazation

Get real-time Cost Per Engagement (CPE) metrics to help you understand how influencers compare, giving you a clear picture of value, for each influencer in our marketplace.

Connect to the next campaign

With the historical campaign data, you can keep improving your influencer marketing in our marketplace.

Qualified Influencers

Hashtag recommendation

Hashtag recommendation. By using hashtags generated by machine learning, influencers can gain more engagement.


There are a wide range of categories and demographics of influencers registered, and you can use the influencers that match your campaign target.


We have influencers registered in 13 countries and can handle inbound and outbound campaigns.

Qualified Influencers

Only influencers with over 100 followers and who have been active in the past 3 months are eligible to join the platform.